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Eating in Gabicce Mare: when the Marche and Romagna marry also in the flavors

Many times, when going on vacation to the sea, the “restaurant” chapter is mostly connected to economic values. Over the years, full board has become a way to save money without giving up, choosing well, the pleasure of good food.

Instead we would like to represent something more for you. We believe, in fact, that a real journey - as it should be that which drives you to the sea of ​​Gabicce - cannot do without the colors, the perfumes and above all the flavors that identify the territory.

For this reason, also because we are very attached to Gabicce Mare and the Romagna and Marche kitchens, we will be very happy, thanks to the excellent cuisine of the La Cambusa restaurant, to make you take a new journey, once you have crossed the restaurant door. A journey to be made, however, without gasoline, only with the palate and zero kilometer, which will lead you along the thin wire that connects, one by one, our typical dishes, seasoned with fantastic Trebbiano or Sangiovese wines, for example.

At breakfast you have the choice between sweet and savory, with:

  • homemade sweets
  • organic jams
  • Croissant
  • fresh fruit in syrup
  • yogurt, cereals
  • espresso coffee machine bar, with grinding grains on time
  • fresh milk
  • cured meat
  • cheeses
  • even more

Breakfast is scheduled from 8.00 to 10.30, while the restaurant observes the schedule 12.00-14.00, 19.00-20.00, but with flexibility to meet everyone's needs.

Availability is in fact the pride of the cuisine at the La Cambusa restaurant. For example, think that mothers can have a dedicated super-equipped area with olive oil, fresh Parmesan, electric plates, saucepans, cooker, sink and refrigerator.

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